The Reasoning of Intelligent Design

It appears to me that some choose to believe in a Master Creator because their belief system requires humans to be separate from the animals.

If humans evolved from animals, as proposed by Darwinists, then either: humans have no souls, or all creatures have souls.

That proposition may be currently unacceptable to those that believe in the Master Creator.

The Nova program talked around this issue, but never penetrated it.

The bigger question might be: Would a Cloned Human have a soul?


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One Response to “The Reasoning of Intelligent Design”

  1. Bad Says:

    I don’t see why this is a theological problem at all. You can just believe that humans became specially ensouled at some point in as they developed as a species. How is that any different than breathing a soul into a pile of dirt?

    In fact, the Catholic church, the largest single Christian denomination, says that the ensoulment doctrine is basically a reasonable possibility.

    I’m not sure why a science program would have any opinion on the subject though.

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